Saturday, March 18, 2006

Its all over but the party...

Well, 12 hours of Sebring is over, and guess what. The silent Audi I told you about won its class. Hooray. Not really a suprise. A.J. nicknamed the Audi "Silent But Deadly". It ran strong all day-night. I know I said that I wasn't that kind of commentator, but its not every day you see racing history in the making. I find that very exciting!!!

Now for the real story. I was milling about earlier, and I went across the track via the walkover bridge. And, lucky me, happened to be in the right place at the right time. I was just in the right spot when a couple of cars went under my feet. The vibration from the cars went up through my feet, right into my crotch. Too bad Sylvia is in North Carolina. Anyhoo, that kinda got me off a little, so I stood there for awhile. I leaned against the fence and waited for the cars to come by again. When they did I closed my eyes, and enjoyed the sensation. The only car I didn't feel was the killer Audi. Can't win 'em all, I guess. People walking by were looking at me as if I had too much to drink and coldn't find my way off the bridge. Oh no! I had found a new way to enjoy the race. A way that I highly recommend to everyone. Its kinda like stop and smell the roses. Don't just walk across the bridge to get across, walk across to feel the cars under your feet!

If you've never been to a race like this I recommend it to all. Now its all over but the party. Hopefully the bead gods smile upon me tonight! Let the titties fly, YEEHOO!!!!


Blogger Autoextremist Journalist said...

Not a bad write-up, amigo! I'm glad to see how you're taking to it, barely a few hours after I first show you a site and say "play around here for a little while..."

Impressive, but no surprise. Rock on, brother.

11:58 PM  
Blogger Sylvia said...

Vibration huh, kinky. LOL!!! I'm just messin with ya, neways... I hope you got to see a lot of...what do you call those again...oh yea, breastsis. Talk 2 ya later. Bye hun!!!

6:00 AM  

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